Cylindrical Rubber Fender

Cylindrical Fenders can often be installed at less cost than types having equal energy capacity. Cylinder Rubber Fenders offer a means of lowering fender costs when there is a large variation in the size of incoming vessel.
Cylindrical Fenders are widely used on quays, docks, wharfs etc. and due to the vast range of sizes available and the various installation methods they are able to withstand impact from most vessel types. BAOLI Cylinder
Rubber Fenders are produced by the extrusion process and the wrapping method which can be suspended horizontally, vertically or diagonally, dependent on the application requirements and can be pre-formed and cut to the length required. We can also provide recommendations and quotations for the fixing equipment.
Core attributes of Tug Cylindrical Rubber Fenders:
1. Cylinder Rubber Fender is very simple design.
2. Popular and effective.
3. Cylinder Rubber Fenders are easy to install.
4. Wide range of sizes.
5. PIANC tested and certified.

Cylindrical Rubber Fenders
Cylindrical Rubber Fender is one kind of very popular marine rubber fender because of easy installation and operation, versatile and highly cost effective. With hollow cylindrical design, they can be produced to almost any length and diameter
as required, matching to almost any application, including berths serving both large and small vessels such as general cargo, fishing vessels and tug vessels. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can be adapted to wharf corners.
For all the different types of vessels, to ensure a safe and linear berthing, cylindrical fenders are generally used and recommended for all types of use. These cylindrical fenders are very economical and easily to install to the berthing installations.
These cylindrical fenders are manufactured by a molding/compression process at very high pressure of 1,000 to 2,000 tons load; this becomes a much better result than the ancient extrusion process, resulting in zero porosity/bubble free molding of rubber cylindrical fenders.
This results in a much longer lifetime for the cylindrical rubber fenders. These cylindrical fenders are manufactured in the range of outer diameter (OD) from 100 mm up to 3,000 mm and single molded pieces from 2 up to 3 meters as a standard. Cylindrical fenders of a higher length are available at specific request.

Features of Cylindrical Rubber Fender:
1. Material: NR, EPDM.
2. Color: Black
3. Cylindrical type rubber fender has low reaction force, proper surface pressure and reasonable energy absorb.
4. Cylindrical fenders get stronger adaptability for longitudinal and crosswise motion of ships during berthing.
5. Cylindrical fender is applicable for ships in different sizes and all sorts of docks.
6. Various installations way and easy for installation and maintenance.
7. Sizes: Customer’s design and specifications are accepted.

Range :
Cylindrical Fenders are available in wide range from 100 mm outer diameter to 3000 mm outer diameter in 2 to 3 meter length.

CYLINDRICAL RUBBER FENDERCylindrical dock fender
fender cylindrical


Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt.

( Baut Angkur ) sebagai accessories rubber fender, fungsi utamanya sebagai penguat Rubber Fender pada dinding dermaga,dengan desain standard dan bentuk J Anchor Bolt.







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